Creation of the Facebook App


Here we provide the creation of the facebook app for facebook applications.So many people asking about the how to create a facebook app that’s why here we provide the creation of the facebook app.

Creating an App, please go to this URL : after that you need to login with your facebook account in this page.

After that click on the  “Apps” which is located at the header of the page. After click on the Apps,the screen appears like shown in below.

Create the Facebook App

In the above screen, Click on the “Create New App” button.after that you get the one popup.It will look like this below image.

Creation of the Facebook App

In this popup, Enter the App Name in the App Name box. App Namespace is optional. After that click on  the “Continue” button another popup will be appear for security  check.

Security check

In the above image, you need to enter the captcha in the text box.After that click on the “Continue” button. After that  you can get the basic settings page of your app.

Basic settings

In the above screen, you  need to enter a your website url for the facebook app in the Site URL  under the Website with Facebook Login. For localhost you need to enter a site url like http://localhost/facebook/. Here facebook is a directory name of your application which is located under www or htdocs folder.

And Click on the Save Changes button.After that it will redirect to the same screen.In this screen,You can find out the APP ID and APP Secret .

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